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The spike trap will bounce back and forth along the bottom. At this point, the Crystal Switch is most likely blue, so you’ll need to hit it and change it to orange so that the orange blocks to the right will drop. Once it’s changed, explore the right side of the room.

Continue to reflect Agahnim’s spells back at him until he sustains too much damage and the battle ends. Just finished a documented Majora’s Mask soundfont with audio extracted from the Nintendo 64 version using SubDrag’s Nintendo 64 Soundbank Tool V2. I have to thank SubDrag for all the hard work he’s put in to making the audio files from games like Majora’s Mask so accessible, really solid work. The Soundfont file contains game audio including all instruments, percussion, ambience, and some NPC sounds categorized by bank number. A “ROM hack” is when someone alters the code of an existing game. This is to either offer improvements to the gameplay/graphics, add unofficial language translations or to fundamentally change the game, like new levels or player abilities.

Ocarina of Time Reloaded

Successfully complete the game with all default fighters. Go to the map screen, and press Select to advance to the next level. Hold R + L, then press Up/Left + B, Up/Right + B, Down/Right + B, Right + B, Left + B, release R + L and press Start to begin will all options, tracks, and cars unlocked. Could not provoke it with entering minigame either anymore.

  • You can also use the Cane of Somaria to create and push blocks that will fall off the ledge when you reach a boundary.
  • You can also try and install RetroArch on your iPhone.
  • Instead, head right and around the ledge to the door below.

From the entrance of this room, simply run south to reach the treasure chest that contains the Compass. Aside from the fireball traps and the bed of spikes surrounding you, collecting the Compass was relatively painless. Getting out, on the other hand may be more difficult. As you run back to the north to approach the door you came through, the door mysteriously disappears and becomes an eye on soccer games online free to play without downloading the wall that shoots lasers at you. When you turn around to dodge the laser, the door suddenly reappears. You could use your Magic Mirror to get out if you like, but it’s not necessary.

Gameboy Advance Emulators

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Ocarina of Time

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Once again, Red Potions, small Shields, and Bombs are available at this typical Dark World item shop. The prices are said to be the same as in the other shops in Ganon’s kingdom. On the map of the Dark World, you can see a large swamp in the southwest corner of the land, but there doesn’t seem to be any way to reach it.